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Yealink VoIP Phones

Our new cloud-based phone platform, Melon, requires a phone that can connect to voip; so we recommend the range by Yealink, and more specifically the range listed below are the best of the crop.

We can sell you a phone from $140.00, or if you have one of our Internet & Phone packages we will subsidise the cost greatly; furthermore we can cover the up-front cost and lease one to you over a 12-month period.





The Yealink SIP-T19P features an intuitive user-interface and enhanced functionality to make user interaction and operation very easy and efficient.

This phone covers all of the basics, and then some. It is the bare-bones handset for your business.

Cost: $140.00 + GST



The Yealink SIP-T26P represents the next-generation VoIP phone; designed for business users who need rich telephony features, a friendly user-interface and superb voice quality.

The SIP-T26P has a quick-dial feature to instantly call much-used numbers, and up to three lines for use for different phone numbers.

Cost: $220.00 + GST



Yealink W-52P

Yealink W52P is a cordless phone system designed for small business users who are looking for immediate cost savings but scalable VoIP-based mobile communications system. Combining  the benefits of wireless communication with rich business features of Voice over IP telephony.

The W52P is an advanced phone featuring a secure wireless handset, high-resolution colour screen, and is wall-mountable.

Cost: $250.00 + GST

Additional Handset $150 + GST

Each phone base-station can hold 5 handsets and 4 concurrent calls.

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