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Meraki are renowned in the technology industry for their reliability, large feature set, and security; furthermore their products can all be managed and maintained remotely via cloud services, giving us full control over your equipment without having to step into your office.
Melinjo opts to use solely Meraki products because they are quite simply the best that the world has to offer.

Melinjo sells and installs Meraki routers, network switches and security appliances.



A Meraki Security Appliance controls what users can access on a network; you can opt to restrict various applications, websites, and services. A Security Appliance can provide information on which users are using which services, and the type of usage that your network is experiencing.

A Meraki Security Appliance is also a physical firewall; analysing every bit of data going into or out of your business network in search of anything that may be unusual; it can cut off at the stem any dangerous or erroneous behaviour from third parties that may be trying to access your system.

This means that with Meraki your business is as safe as can be; in addition to being the most high-tech and efficient.


Network switches bridge the gap between different networks and computers to create a local network specific to your business. Meraki Switches also provide granular data on the usage of your network, record what websites have been accessed and for what period of time, are energy efficient but very powerful, and are the most secure devices in the industry.

Melinjo can install a Meraki switch in your office to help you connect all of your employees’ computers both to each other and to the internet; this means that you can instantly transfer files between one another and collaborate on documents. What your employees can’t see is that the switch can record websites that they visit and provide you with graphical reports of how many hours, and how many gigabytes, have been invested into YouTube for the month.


Meraki wireless routers are designed from the ground up to provide advanced business tools and analytics; these cloud-managed devices allow you to see a graphed history of your internet usage and provide other useful tools you’ll wish you had access to earlier.

This wireless system can manage small- and large-scale deployments easily and allow you to see to a granular level how often users of your WiFi are using the service, in addition to the rate of users that are recurring visitors. You can even configure your router to cut off access to a user if they step over a usage limit you set.

Meraki gives you full control over the usage of your network; from restricting access to certain sites to requiring a guest user to sign-in to Facebook in order to access the WiFi network; this latter option can also provide you with valuable statistical data. Melinjo can configure your router to fit your exact needs; and we will help you learn how to use and control them yourself.