What we’re really good at


The work horse of the workplace. We don’t sell computers but we will help you choose the right one to fit your needs. we are specialists in Windows, OS X and Linux, we can install operating systems, software, and upgrade hardware components also.

We even provide training to help you maintain full independence and control of your business.


We can give you a central place to store content and manage your  devices from, this is one of the fundamentals of a productive office. A server in the office can become a become a difficult relationship to juggle when cost management and technical issues arise, but our experience means we can deliver you not only the best service, but provide marginally competitive rates.

We also can offer off-site Cloud Servers (VPS) which offers all the benefits of a local server without the space and power requirements.


We are telephony masters, whether it is a single office phone or a large call centre we can help your business save money and make calling easier.

Our Cloud Phone Platform forgoes standard landline connections and costly rates while still giving you access to all the same features plus a few more.

We also have a selection of VoIP phones to make the swap to the digital telephony world easy.


We know networking infrastructure like the back of our hands, and we know the importance of good network architecture. This why we have chosen the Meraki brand for all of our network gear, the single best for wired and wireless networking, and security

Meraki allows our technicians to manage your site from the cloud; we instantly know if there is a problem and we can help your business remotely and without pause.

Device Management

Because of the large number of different devices from different manufactures that have become available has resulted in traditional systems no longer working as well as they should be.

We can manage devices from Apple, Google and Microsoft easily without recurring fuss and you don’t even need a Server onsite.

More businesses are adopting the BYOD (bring your own device) method which requires a sound approach to managing network connectivity we can help you make that happen.


The importance of a solid backup system can be hard to appreciate until you are in a position where valuable work or documents can’t be found. We can help you create the perfect backup strategy from the get-go to have your data always ready to be recoved.

Our onsite and offsite backups are fully automatic, you never have to think about them until you need them.


Security is always at the top of the list when it comes to our services, we know the importance of a safe and stable system that can keep an office network safe without getting in the way of business.

With Meraki we have options for small and big businesses. We can manage your site from the cloud to give you concise reports on the usage of your network, giving us statistics so granular as to be able to measure the amount of time is spent on Facebook.